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  • The Engineer’s Thumb

    It’s a story that talks about how an engineer explains to Sherlock Holmes his Experience in which he was hired for a Job to fix a giant hydraulic press far away, and in the process, accidentally discovering an illegal coin press machine.  Due to this, the people who hired him try to kill him by […]

  • Persepolis

    This book goes about the life of Marjane Satrapi in 1980 after the Islamic revolution, and it shows how life was back then for 1O year old Marjane. It shows the political and religious turmoil as a result of the revolution, and also the consequences of it.  The boys and girls at her school are […]

  • The Raven

    The Raven is a poem talking about the narrator lamenting the loss of a maiden in his chamber, and during that time, strange events happen. He hears a knocking at the door and the window, and eventually a raven walks in and perches upon his door. To this, the narrator urges the bird questions, first […]

  • Blog Introduction Video

  • First post, potato.

    I want to talk about Sherlock Holmes and other stories. I like many of the books I read since they’re all different, and are all very fun. One of those books is Sherlock Holmes, a book about a very good detective and his adventures. The stories are not only about crimes, but also deal with […]