This book goes about the life of Marjane Satrapi in 1980 after the Islamic revolution, and it shows how life was back then for 1O year old Marjane. It shows the political and religious turmoil as a result of the revolution, and also the consequences of it. 

The boys and girls at her school are separated, she is forced to wear a veil, and people who protest against the regime get killed, resulting in many of Marjane’s friends and family members getting killed. Due to her family she becomes very outspoken and independent. She wants to try and solve the social inequalities left after the Islamic Revolution. 

Due to her protesting nature, she gets expelled from school, and her parents move her to Vienna for fear that she might get a worse punishment as the regime gets stricter, and also due to danger in Teheran (the capital of Iran) due to the current war going on. Then She goes to a boarding school run by nuns.

During her time there, she meets a good friend and goes through many harsh situations, and eventually becoming homeless, she gets very sick, and so she goes back to her family in Iran. There she starts doing social activism and gets married. After a while she gets divorced. Later, she finds Iran is not for her, and she goes back to Europe.


Conclusion: The book shows very well how living in Iran was after the Ilsamic revolution, and during one of its wars; showing the political and social situations many people had to suffer through, as well as how she herself had to deal with them. It gives a different perspective to how this period was lived in, and all the problems people suffered.

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