The Raven

The Raven is a poem talking about the narrator lamenting the loss of a maiden in his chamber, and during that time, strange events happen. He hears a knocking at the door and the window, and eventually a raven walks in and perches upon his door. To this, the narrator urges the bird questions, first referring to the raven, and then regarding the loss of his maiden. To this the raven always responds “Nevermore.” Eventually, the narrator gets mad at this, and tries to make the raven leave, however it remains perched, and never leaves.

I like the story and I enjoyed the meaning. It’s deep, but it’s also very hard to understand. I had to read it multiple times, and I also had to watch a full analysis video.
The mood was really ark and gothic, and the descriptions of where the story takes place were very dark. For example, it used the words: bleak, night, dark, candles. This made the mood more haunting.

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